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How to join Session in Advanced Version of Weblearning

Pre-Assumptions before starting Session

1. Audio/Video Drivers Installed. (If not installed, Install it)
2. Microphone connected in correct ports and is in proper working condition.
3. Uninstall Interwise Participant Application (Older version 8.2), delete the Interwise folder from My Documents permanently and then installed New Version (8.8.53).
Install it by following these steps:
a) Open the site
Then, click the Download tab and click on the WebConnect Participant ver 8.8.53 to download the participant application.

Paste the following URL to download the WebConnect Participant application.

b) Follow the Basic downloading steps to continue Installation.
4. Webcam attached and is installed (if video sharing required)
5. Software installed which is compatible for opening the Materials placed in session. (If any Material is placed for session)
Example – Microsoft Office should be installed if a PowerPoint presentation is to be shared in the session.